Stratco Outback

Stratco Outback®

Stratco Outback® are manufacturers of outdoor decks, patios, verandahs, pergolas, and carports. Adelaide Pergolas are distributors for Stratco Outback®

Why Stratco Outback Is the Right Choice for Your Patio?

Stratco Outback® products are designed for Australian homes. These products add an element of elegance and charm to your backyard. Furthermore, they provide shelter and protection from the unpredictable Australian weather, without you having to compromise the great outdoor experience.

Vast range of colors to choose from

Stratco Outback® products are available in high gloss colors for frameworks, cladding as well as gutters. Now your home’s exterior can truly be an extension of its interiors with options ranging from traditional, calming color tones to the more modern, bold hues!

Superior quality

Stratco Outback® roofs and decks are built to last with a strong structural base and sturdy columns and beams. The products are made from high grade, Australian stainless steel. All Stratco Outback® fixtures and fittings are galvanised to extend their shelf life.

Tailor-made designs

At Stratco Outback ®, we understand the importance of personalization in your dream backyard. Consequently, all our products come with the flexibility of customizing the design to suit a style you desire.


When you choose a Stratco Outback® product for your pergola, verandah or carport, you can rest assured of getting complete peace of mind and good value for your buck. All Stratco Outback® products come with a 15-year structural warranty. Moreover, if you get your Stratco Outback® patio installed from Adelaide Pergolas – who are authorized Stratco Outback® dealers – you get an additional 1-year warranty on the installation.

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